Code of Conduct

Ethics Charter

Integrity is one of the core values at Renewable Resources Pvt. Ltd (RE2). This Charter defines RE2’s Objectives in this area and the corresponding Rules of good conduct.

Our Objectives

 To continue striving to provide the timely quality services to our clients and offer opportunities for success to all our clients, partners and subcontractors in a spirit of fair competition and mutually rewarding collaboration.

 To conduct business everywhere in the world with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness.

 To put our staff as at the heart of our strategic development, and create conditions for the individual employees of RE2 to reach their full potential.

Our Rules of Good Conduct

In carrying out their professional activities, the employees of RE2 must thrive throughout Pakistan and the rest of the world to comply with the following rules of good conduct:

 Respecting the spirit and the letter of applicable laws.

 Not granting, directly or indirectly any kind of benefit to any person involved with RE2 business for the purposes of obtaining commercial favors.

 Avoiding conflict of interest between their roles in the Firm’s business and their private interests particularly in their relations with clients, competitors and subcontractors. In this regard, RE2 staff must refrain from offering or accepting gifts or invitations which would not be consistent with acceptable practices or applicable laws. They must also refrain from investing or acquiring interests with clients or competitors without the prior written consent of management.

 Protecting the confidentiality of the information to which they have access through their professional activities.

 Informing the Firm’s Administration about any behavior which is not compliant with the rules set forth in this Charter.