Grid Connected Power Systems - Wind Power

  • Wind Resource Assessment using onsite data.

    RE2 has expertise and experience of installing complete wind measuring masts at project sites. RE2 has in-house capability to acquire site based data of different loggers through remote interface and compile it according to the format which is acceptable in WAsP environment. RE2 has the wind data of many measuring stations in Pakistan. The typical issues like typographical mistakes, corrupted data, repetitive entries, missing data, malfunctioning instruments etc are all well-handled at RE2. The team of RE2 is very good at comparing wind data, which is continuously and repeatedly retrieved from various masts.

  • Power Production Analysis using WAsP.

    RE2 has licensed of WAsP 10 software from Riso and qualified operators to do all the analysis. The engineers have understanding of micrositing techniques, minimizing the array losses, data authenticity. The work done by professionals of RE2, when shared by GoP with Riso for endorsement, was acknowledged to be correct and according to standard practices.

  • Noise and Shadow Analysis and Bird hit. RE2 has the expertise to undertake these studies in WinPro software.
  • Site Studies like soil investigations, topography, digital contouring, social surveys etc. RE2 handles these tasks through reputable sub-contractors.