Grid Connected Power Systems - Solar PV

The annual solar irradiance is determined in W/m2 for a particular site considering the azimuth and latitude angles at that site. The sun position is determined for every hour on the site and effective irradiance is calculated. This is compared against the specifications of silicon cell to generate power production estimates.

Alternately, the irradiance can be actually obtained on site through measuring instruments.

The gross energy yield of solar system is determined through software based calculations by comparing the irradiance values with the specifications of silicon modules. Every silicon module has a power curve to generate a certain amount of useful electricity at any irradiance level.

RE2 has its own software to analyze solar irradiance data and develop the power production estimates.

RE2 also has international software to do the same. This software which has the database of solar irradiance throughout the globe and the specifications of solar modules produced by reputable manufacturers. This software performs all the calculations at the backend and provides its power production estimates.

The results of RE2 in-house software and those of international software are found identical.

The calculations are based on tracking systems (single or dual axis) or fixed systems; whichever may be the case.