Grid Connected Power Systems - General Services

RE2 has under its belt all the expertise including power production analysis, selection of power equipment, complete feasibility, government approvals, oversee / monitor the EPC activities etc. In the area of feasibility, RE2 has the capabilities of site based investigations like soil analysis, surface contouring, grid evaluation etc. RE2 also covers the project financial model and the subsequent generation cost reaching to tariff in terms of value per kWh.

The services are backed with in depth grip on technical, financial and administrative aspects of every stage in power project that enables us to use best practices in developing the project. This ultimately leads to the most efficient plan with implementation in accordance with that, having no drifts, which is a vital element in power projects to save un-necessary and huge overheads during execution.

The RE2 team also has the expertise to deal with the legal documents of the power projects including the affairs of Generation License, Tariff Defense, Energy Purchase Agreement and Implementation Agreement. The professional team of RE2 is well acquainted with the policies, regulations, methodologies and standards of all aspect of power projects. The expertise maintained in RE2 has facilitated in maintaining work standard that matches with the International Standards.

RE2 provides following services in general to IPP projects.

  • Power Projects EPC Supervision and O&M Planning

    RE2 can look after the EPC process right from the preparation of tendering documents, handling the competitive bidding cycle, assessment & evaluation, technical negotiations and supervision during EPC work. RE2 has international linkages with renowned and vastly experienced companies for rendering these services.

  • Electrical and Grid Interconnection Studies

    RE2 has collaboration with a UK based Pakistani company for electrical studies of a grid connected power project. This includes load flow study, power quality study, short circuit study, power evacuation study.The assessment of grid is an important task in designing the project and the partners of RE2 for this service is the most experienced organization in Pakistan in this sector.

  • Financial Modeling and Tariff Structure.

    RE2 generates the financial model in accordance with the NEPRA tariff format. The model provides all cost heads, cash flow streams, returns, payback etc.

  • EPA / PPA Negotiations and Tariff Defense.

    The tariff approval and EPA / PPA negotiations are different in case of renewable energies than for the conventional energies like thermal and hydro. The protocols for transforming the policy incentives into contractual agreements are very complicated. The team of RE2, having been involved in establishing the renewable energy program of Pakistan, is adequately equipped to handle these issues.

  • Legal Counseling to Power Projects.

    RE2 has the linkage with leading power sector law firms of the country and can do a match making for investors. RE2 can also take the legal services under its scope and do all the arrangement at the back end.

  • Financial Close.

    RE2 can become a team member of the investor to handle the debt financing proceedings with lenders.